The adverse health effects of asbestos are far-reaching. In certain cases, construction workers who handled the poisonous material up to 3 decades ago still suffer to this day from cancer diagnoses and other conditions as a result of exposure.

This potent threat to health and safety is one of many reasons why it’s highly recommended that you use a licensed asbestos removalist in Perth and the country at large.

Durable and fire-resistant asbestos materials were used to construct property and as a component of various products in the past. It was discovered with time that inhalation of asbestos fibres can poison your lungs and develop into serious health conditions. Since its official ban 15 years ago, the need for licensed asbestos removalists has become obvious.

At Perth Asbestos Services, we specialise in asbestos inspection, testing and removal. We have used our expert knowledge to compile these compelling reasons to use a licensed asbestos removal service if you find the poisonous material on your property.

Safety Comes First, Always

If preserved in good condition, asbestos is relatively harmless. The problem comes with disturbances, which can unleash harmful asbestos particles into the air. Professional assistance gives you the peace of mind that comes with knowing you don’t need to risk your safety and that of those around you. It’s imperative to have experience, enough research, and the correct tools and gear on your side to minimise harm. A licensed asbestos removalist in Perth comes with all this and more.

A benefit of getting professional assistance is that you will have someone to conduct all the necessary tests to determine the best course of action. Where the presence of asbestos isn’t an immediate threat, it can be managed without removal. Where it has already been disrupted, the best tools and skill can be used to remove it as safely as possible. A professional will also help you dispose of it appropriately.

No Need to DIY – Rope in Some Professionals

The reasons discussed above demonstrate that not only is it illegal to remove asbestos from your property without a license – it’s unsafe too. Don’t take the chance.

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