I’m pretty sure my house is full of asbestos, what should I do?

First off don’t stress too much, asbestos in your home isn’t a complete  disaster. The stuff can be found in just about anything built before 1990 most of us are still okay. Asbestos in your home is a bit like a poisonous snake. It’s probably not a good idea to leave it in your bathroom, but if you leave it alone and call a professional you’ll most likely be fine. Note: unlike a snake, we’re pretty sure you’re more afraid of it than it is of you… 

Good to know, so how do you get rid of it?

With the right protective equipment and safety procedures, asbestos removal is a fairly simple process. Safe disposal can be trickier, but Perth Asbestos Services is a licensed asbestos removalist perth company. Our experts can handle the whole process from start to finish and cart it away when we’re done.

What sort of jobs can you handle?

Our asbestos removal experts handles both residential asbestos disposal and commercial asbestos disposal over 20 years in the business means there isn’t much we haven’t handled. Some of our more common jobs include:

  • asbestos roof removal
  • asbestos fence removal
  • sheds, gutters and weather stripping
  • walls, eaves, cladding and tiles

So how soon can you get here?

We’re based in Perth Metro (NOR to be more specific) but we’ve done jobs all over WA. We’re usually available Monday to Saturday during the day but we can be flexible if it’s urgent. If you’re in need give us a call on number above or hit the button below to drop your details and we’ll be in touch.